Hello everyone,

One of the biggest challenges I face as a blogger is wanting to buy everything! I just can’t hold myself…its too tempting!

I always try to get something that would last, something that I call an ‘investment’ piece and these kind of stuff are usually on the pricier side. In order to get them, I would need to work hard and save up.

Today, I have put together 3 goodies that I wish to get my hands on soon.

  1. A DSLR:

A DSLR camera is a game changer for bloggers; a good camera makes a huge difference. I have wanted to invest in one for so long and I think this is the year that I finally will do. Not only to take pictures with but also good videos for some fun tutorials.

  1. A new lens:

There are some lenses that are simply amazing to say the least. I do have a pretty good camera that takes OK pictures, but getting a better lens for it will differently change my picture taking a game.

  1. Luxury accessories:

I know these are not necessities, but I have been eyeing some for the past couple of years now and have not gotten the chance to plunge in. its not like I need anymore of them but a girl cant have enough I guess.

Here you go my loves, what are your 2018 wish lists?

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  • A friend of mine ordered a camera and a lens from https://www.bhphotovideo.com. He is praising this website. He found the prices are better than any other websites. You might know about it already, in case, I just thought of sharing it. You may consider giving it a look.

    Your wishlist (1 and 2) indicates how much you want to explore and to share with others this year. I am sure you will make a lucrative investment. Please keep updating us with your achievements. Best of luck.

    My three wishlists for this year are:

    1. iPad Pro 10.5: Last year, I bought iPad Pro 9.7 with apple Pencil. It was the best investment I made in 2017. It helped me to enhance my stick figure drawings and to share video lessons on social media using verbal and visual thinking. This year, my eyes are on the iPad Pro 10.5 for better experience (Performance + Palm rejection is better + pencil is smoother)

    2. A Massage Chair: I really need it to relax after a long day. To read. Also, to use it when I play playstation online against my friends.

    3. Laptop/messenger bag: I am obsessed with bags. Last year I bought three, and this year I would like to buy a leather laptop bag. It is not essential, it just comforts me.

    • Thank you so much for the recommendation. I have been looking for a good lens for the longest time ever.
      And yes I do want to explore and share more to the world, just waiting for a good opportunity to do so.
      Your Wishlist (1) is something that I have been looking to get for a while now, but was not sure if its worth the investment. I was thinking of getting an iPad for the days where I am on the go to jog down some ideas.
      A Massage chair would be an amazing investment piece I would say.
      Thank you for sharing your Wishlist!

      • I am sure you will explore and share outstanding things when you start putting your investment on the lens/DSLR camera. It is your wishlist (Your Future). This is what you want, this is a reflection of you. Go for it! I really encourage you. Consult, ask and compare about the lens model, you will get that comfortable feeling that will tell you “I made up my mind”. In this process, you are painting results in advance, your future.

        Frankly, I spent almost 2 months trying to choose between an iPad or Surface Pro. I made up my mind on the iPad. I am happy with it.

        For the massage chair, I think it will be the best investment in 2018, I can tell from now hehehe 😀

        Best of luck and keep it going.

        Thank you!

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