Winter Accessories Under $100

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but something about the holiday season makes me want to go all out with accessories, however my bank account sadly disagrees with me! I am a kind of person that always looks for chic, cute but yet affordable accessories. This season is all about playing with statement, sparkly and glittery accessories.

I have been seeing a lot of colorful, sparkly and big statement accessories this season. Keep scrolling down to check out my top picks for the best winter accessories under $100!

  • Pearls:

An all time favorite fashion piece, but this time around they have been updated into a baroque inspired design. Its an elegant piece to be added to your look and for sure will make you look expensive.

  • Long Earrings:

You can find these in any department store for less then $100, it’s a must for this holiday season as it adds enough sparkle and is defiantly a statement piece; the longer and sparklier the better!

  • Tassel Earrings:

They are a fun way to add a bohemian vibe to your look; they come in different styles and colors and are defiantly versatile.

  • Over the Knee Boots:

An iconic winter accessories that will not go out of fashion any time soon, defiantly an important winter accessory.

  • Hair Accessories:

Hair accessories are here to stay! Hair clips, headbands, scrunchies or scarves are a great way to add a little extra sparkle to your look.

  • Bucket Hat:

I was never really a hat person until this trend emerged, I am in love with it and have already got myself a few, its defiantly a statement piece and goes well with everything in your closet. You can find them at Forever 21 or H&M for affordable prices.

What are your go to winter accessories?


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