What to Wear On a Lazy Day

Hello Trendsetters, 

If your anything like me a self-proclaimed grandma of your friend group, then you would rather spend most of your Saturday nights at home on the couch and under your blanket feeling warm and cozy then venture out.

Lately, it feels as if my warm cozy blankets are trying to call the shots and shamefully I don’t mind it at all. Of course, the weather is a bit cold outside making it just a bit difficult to get out of bed especially in the morning. 

We all have those days were you know, it just seems unbearable and a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt would do the trick… its totally normal we all go through it. Its okay to have those ‘lazy days’ but its just as important to put some effort into them. I don’t think anyone really wants to go out looking lazy, you would still want to look cute and feel comfortable. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, then you would know that I am a strong believer in ‘when you look good, you feel good’. Today, I’m sharing my five tips for looking and feeling put together while keeping it comfy.

Shirt + Light Trousers:

I believe that everyone of you out there has that white shirt that can we worm with anything in your closet. If you are running errands that day or meeting up with your girlfriends for a quick coffee and do not want to bother dressing up; go for a clean white shirt, light trousers, and a pair of sneakers. Trust me girls, this is by far my all time favorite go to look. Its not only comfortable but looks cute and effortless.  

Mom Jeans + T-shirt:

Mom jeans are the thing now and have been for a while. These pants are so 80’s and I can’t have enough of them! Mom jeans are so easy to style, as you would only need a simple tee to wear with it. I pair mine with a loose shirt tucked in or with a crop top.

Loose/Oversized Sweater + Skater Skirt:

Who doesn’t love a big old oversized sweater? Yes, it can sometimes feel slouchy but try to pair it with a flowy skater skirt, the skirt will instantly make you feel good and look even better. It will make you look dressed up without putting so much effort and thought on your whole outfit.

Short Dress + Sneakers:

If your looking for something easy to put on and takes minimal time to style then go for a short dress and it pair with your favorite sneakers. Sometimes all you need is an outfit that is easy to put together and would make you feel comfortable for the rest of the day. 


The worst thing you have to do on a lazy day is your hair! Who feels me? We all wish we were Kim Kardashian having to wake up and a hair stylist on call. Well, we are defiantly not Kim so the best way to style your hair is by wearing a hat, zero thought goes into your hair, and I love that. You can simply throw the hat on and be out the door.

Comment down below your go to lazy day outfit.

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