Top Lip Shades to Add to your Makeup Collection this Spring

Hello Beautiful People,

Now that spring is here…. Its time to talk lipstick!

Spring 2020 top lip shades can be summed up in one word: FUN. It’s your time to shine and its finally time to brighten up a bit with a splash of color. Its time to switch out those vampy shades with lighter hue’s like bright corals or pale pinks to match all those blossoms and blooming’s outside.

Keep scrolling for the top 5 springs 2020 lipstick trends you are going to want to start wearing ASAP.

  1. Forever Fuchsia:

It’s the perfect anti-red color; it’s not only strong but also bold and daring. It’s the perfect shade to rock this spring/summer season.

  1. Red Hot:


Red is the most diverse and versatile lip color you can ever rock; but not just any red! It’s bold. It’s daring. And it’s certainly RED.

  1. Flashy Coral:

Orange is one shade that will certainly add some spice to this season. When bright orange and red tones come together, it creates a beautiful color palette. It’s the perfect on-trend shade.

  1. Pale Pink:

A red carpet trend we have seen on almost every celebrity and across the runway, perfect as a lipstick topper or on its own.

  1. Peachy Pink:

Another one to add to the shine category, with just enough sweetness this peachy undertone was inspired by the 70’s.

Leave a comment down below sharing your perfect spring lipstick shade.

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