Tips on How to Find your Signature Style

Hello everyone,

What is style? The question that has been asked amongst major stylist and people like you and me! Style is one factor in creating our own personal brand, having a strong sense of personal style leads to confidence and empowerment… that’s what fashion does for me! We all admire our favorite celebrities looks, and we all have someone we look up to for outfit inspirations, but the question here is… how do you find your own signature style?

Finding your signature style can go along way, its quite personal; as it reveals to the world your true personality or in some cases your inner self, it is also about the ability to feel confident and beautiful in what your wearing. When you focus and know your personal style, you can decide to invest in some staple pieces rather then having a bunch of random pieces in your wardrobe.

The next few tips will help you discover your own signature style to make your feel beautiful and confidant and most importantly, ready to face the world any time of the day!

Know your body and what works for you:

Thats first step towards achieving your goals is figuring out your body type and what works well for you, certain styles look better for your body shape than others do; not everything works for every one, just follow your heart and be confident in what makes you feel yourself the most.

Get inspired:

Put together images of people whose style you admire the most. Having a few style icons can be helpful when it comes to finding your own personal style, its a great way to seek inspiration and figuring out what your like and dislike.

Try new things:

Try branching out with different colors, textures and shapes to find what suits you the best. After all style evolves as you keep evolving, you may end up surprising yourself when you try out new stuff.

Point out what you don’t like:

We all have that one piece in our closet that we don’t like but for some reason can’t throw away, just because everyone is wearing it or its a trendy pieces doesn’t mean you have to like it. Having a strong sense of personal style means you are confident, so there is no point in holding onto it!

Identity your signature piece:

It can be from accessories to makeup to a piece of clothing, just know what works for you and keep rocking it!

Comment down below whats your signature style?

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