‘The Face Shop’ Face Mask Review

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Facemask sheet has gained its popularity over the past year and I have been seeing them all over social media. The famous Korean brand ‘The Face Shop’ has all kinds of famous masks ranging from character masks to fruit masks to green tea masks to even fruit masks and I have read all positive reviews about them. Korean’s skin care game has been strong for the past couple of years and they never fail to impress us… I have seen and read a lot about them. Today’s reviews is going to be about their famous character mask and horse oil mask as well as two other highly raved beauty product.


The sheet masks all come in a matte paper cover with plastic coating inside to keep the sheet mask moist. Very light weight and sleek looking.


The sheet masks are all made of cotton; soaked in a liquid solution.

About each mask:

  1. Character Mask- puppy:

The most popular of all facemasks, describes as ‘brighting character mask makes the dull skin look bright and matte’. The facemask does look extremely fun and social media friendly especially for those girl night in’s but does it actually work? Well it surprisingly does, it left my skin feeling moisturized and looking bright. It does however contain a bit of fragrance which if you have a super sensitive skin like I do; you will feel a bit of tingly feeling at first but all is fine latter. It is not only entertaining and super hydrating but also wallet friendly.

  1. MasCream Hydrating:

Described as ‘ultra moisturizing cream with Jeju horse oil replenishes the skins moisture barrier, leaving your skin feeling extra hydrated’. Designed for extremely dry skins, which is perfect for me. It might not be as fun as the character mask; however, it does provide extreme hydration with the help of hyaluronic acid and horse fat infused formula. Would I repurchase it? I defiantly would, I did see a difference in my skin after using it, my skin looked brighter and healthier then ever.

  1. Jeju Volcanic Lava Nose Strip:

The nose strip is part of the brand ‘Jeju Volcanic Lava Collection’ which claims to ‘purify pore line’; it contains volcanic ashes all the way from Jeju Island. I have never used a nose strip before than and was pretty impressed with the final results. It is good for those people with clogged pores; it does leave the skin feeling smooth.

  1. Modeling Gel Patch:

You have probably seen these everywhere, literally everywhere… I had to get it, to see what the hype was all about. It does work to some extent, it leaves your lips looking and feeling super soft and smooth however, would I repurchase it? Not if I am having a girl’s night in. it is super fun and smells good but not as moisturizing as I hoped it would be.

Final thoughts:

My all time favorite was the MasCream hydrating mask with horse oil; as it actually made my skin some wonders, the rest were pretty impressive and would get them for a fun night in.

Have you tried any of the Korean facemasks? Which was your favorite?

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