Swimwear Trends 2019

Hello my beautiful brunettes,

Summer countdown has officially begun! By that I mean, its time for longer days, warmer weather, tan lines and lighter hair… So basically, you will be spending most of your time laying by the pool or beach soaking up all that sun and with all that comes of course shopping for swimwear which can be notoriously tricky, if your anything like me, you will need different styles for different occasions, activities and destinations.

To help you navigate the latest trends, I have rounded up all the latest key trends for you to look out for this season. From animal print and neon pieces to Marilyn Monroe polka dot inspired suite, here’s some of my favorite swimwear trends of the season to help you kick start your shopping spree!

  • Neon Swimwear
  • Animal Print Swimwear
  • Knotted Swimwear
  • Cutouts
  • Belts and Hoops
  • High-Waisted/ high cut Bottoms
  • Polka-dot Swimwear

Comment down below whats your favourite swimsuit style?

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