Summer Hair Trends That’ll Instantly Update Your Look

Hello Beautiful People,

With summer in full swing and salons reopening, it’s time to start thinking about your summer hairstyle! Believe it or not, 2020 was a big year for hair ‘experiments’; after a year of cutting your own bangs, having to deal with lockdown roots, attempting at-home bleaching and stress-induced hair loss it only makes sense that this summer will be filled with bold new hairstyles. It’s time to switch up your look this year and go for a new/on-trend styles!

Warmer weather traditionally meant lighter locks but this summer there’s a new class of bold and exciting hair trends taking over. I bet by now we have all witnessed haircuts, styles, and color trends all over TikTok and Instagram; from, curtain bangs; layers, mullets; to Farrah Fawcett waves. 

Below, I have rounded up some of the hottest trends for summer 2021 to try on your own hair. Whether you want to keep it simple or amp up your look, there’s a look for everyone to try. Scroll down to read more!

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs may be the hair trend that defines the decade, It’s the hair trend that just won’t quit! Curtain bangs is the most versatile form of bangs, they are way easier to style as compared to straight-cut bags; it gives you more styling options and can be grown out much faster.  

60’s Mod Bangs:

Similar to curtain bangs, however mod bangs are usually heavier and thicker and styles across the forehead to sit right above your lashes; it gives that cool-girl vibes.

Summer Auburn/Strawberry Blonde:

After years of icy blondes and ashy brunettes; red tones are finally on trend! Many people have already started to embrace warmer tones this summer. 

Farrah Fawcett Hair:

My all-time fav look this summer; from parted curtain bangs to soft waved ends and volumized hair. Adding a bit of a modern twist to the supermodel hair, for the ultimate bombshell look. What’s not to love about this look!


Everyone has been loving this look this summer; from celebrities to influencers and just normal people. I have been seeing it everywhere lately!The modern-day version of the cut that defined the ’80s is a little more chill, though.

Wavy Shag:

If you learned anything about today’s post, is to leave your hair wavy for this summer. The ultimate beach look, the wavy shag allows you to keep your hair light and requires very low maintenance making it perfect for summer.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

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