Product Review: Girlactik Skin Tint Moisturizer

Hello beauties,

Girlactik Beauty has been the talk of the year thanks to their long lasting matte lipsticks. I have been using their lipsticks for years and it never failed to impress me; it is both long lasting and moisturizing to the point where you don’t have to worry too much about it creasing, smudging or streaking. Girlactik products have been a great word of the mouth amongst greatest makeup artists.

Coming across Girlactik ‘Skin Tinted Moisturizer’, I just had to test it out to see if it is as amazing as said to be. After testing if for over a month the question here is ‘is it as amazing as people say it is?’

Well, to start off, Girlactik Beauty’s ‘Skin Tint Moisturizer’ is a great every day product. It acts as a daytime moisturizer while at the same time giving you enough coverage. It has a very lightweight texture with a slight rosewater fragrance. Perfect for those hot/humid summery days. It does leave your skin looking dewy/glowy; a perfect look I would say.

The product is described as ‘comes in 6 shades, applied evenly on your skin allowing your canvas to look healthy and radiant with a nice coverage that is flawless! The skin tint moisturizer is in between a tint and a foundation’.

Would I recommend this product? Well, you don’t have time doing your face in the morning? Hate the look of cakey foundation? If you answered yes to any one of those questions than I would totally recommend trying the product out, you will not be disappointed.

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