Power of Make-up

Hello beautiful people,

Hope you all are doing well. Well as you may have already seen this all over social media mainly YouTube, about the “power of makeup”. After watching a million videos and reading all about it, I just feel in love with the concept behind it. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is basically where girls paint half of there faces to show the empowerment of makeup and how makeup transformers a person.

Anyways, makeup in my opinion is a tool that gives girls the power to feel secure especially in today’s world, where us girls are being criticized for our apperanceses. I for one love playing with makeup and trying something new. Makeup is just one tool to empower us girls. Makeup has the power to be super transformative, it is literally a mood booster. We girls wear it not to attract guys, we wear it to feel confident and secure especially on those days were we feel crappy about ourselves.

I wanted to film this makeup challenge for a really long time because like I have previously mentioned, that I love the concept behind it and I think you will too!

Therefore, I thought it would be awesome to show you the power of makeup. Because makeup is fun! Hope you enjoy and thank you for watching.

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