Overall Face Shop Experience!

Hello beautiful people,

The Korean beauty market is currently taking over the world! If you are interested in in exploring Korean beauty products; my first recommendation would be to try ‘The Face Shop’. I remember during high school hearing girls raving about products that ‘The Face Shop’ has to offer; however, I never really got the chance to try them until a few weeks back when I was contacted by the Manager himself to be an ambassador for their brand…

Yup I was shocked my self!

Just a little background, ‘The Face Shop’ concept is based on natural oriental, it offers high quality products made with ingredients from nature with reasonable price. They carry products from body care, skin care, nails, makeup, fragrance and etc… They have stores in around 31 countries and over 2,600 shops.

To all the girls living in my hometown Bahrain…guess what girls we finally have ‘The Face Shop’ with all its amazingness and glory. Going into the shop I did not know what to expect; however both the shop atmosphere and setting blew my mind away, everything is categorized and organized in the best way possible, knowing me ad knowing how organized I am, I was pretty pleased with the overall shopping experience. I did notice something in the shop that drew my attention; which was number labels; I was curious as to ask the shop manager what they were all about and she mentioned something about categorizing their products from number 1 best seller to the least; which also added to the list of things I loved about the store.

The shop itself also includes other famous brands such as Atelier Professional Makeup, Hot-makeup, Ikonic International as well as Girlactick.

Of course I did not leave the store empty handed, I decided to test out a few of their best sellers and see what all the hype is about. Keep a look out for the upcoming blog post!

Comment down below if you have used any of their products and what was your favorite?


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