New Years Resolution: 2019

Hello my beautiful brunettes,

As 2018 comes to an end, its almost time to set our New Year’s resolution. Its that time of year again where everyone is busy making/setting their New Years resolution. 

Some of us set a resolution to improve ourselves, while others set them to quite a certain habit and others to grow their business. Raise your hands if you have ever set a crazy-ambitious New Years resolution! Yup, I am defiantly raising my hands right now…

Well, it all ends here! Its time for us to set a more realistic and achievable goal. Scroll down below to read my New Years resolutions.

  1. Work out more and plan my workout week by week.
  2. Focus on myself.
  3. Get in touch with my spiritual and creative sides.
  4. Shed all worries and fears and really focus on what’s important.
  5. Make better use of my time.
  6. Have more fun and go on more adventures.
  7. Achieve inner peace.
  8. Be happier.
  9. Increase willpower.
  10. Increase self-esteem.

Comment down below your New Years resolution. And Happy Holidays to everyone, wish everyone a year of joy and happiness!

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