My Hair Coloring Experience FT. B3

Hello everyone,,

I am that kind of person who is obsessed with hair and hair care, I was blessed with thick healthy hair and because of that I have always steered away of any harmful products especially hair dyes.

I couple of months ago I decided I needed a change, therefore, I book a consultation appointment with a hair dresser to discuss about dying my hair. During my consultation visit, the hairstylists introduced me to this product called B3.

B3 is the short form of ‘Brazilian Bond Builder’, it’s basically a professional tool that can be mixed into any color formulation to help re-attach and build binds for stronger healthier hair with every color service. I was immediately hooked, who wouldn’t be! It’s something that I have been always looking for.. an excuse to dye my hair. Without even over thinking about it, I immediately booked an appointment to get it done.

Let me tell you, that for a fact I was scared because usually for the purpose of selling a products, hair dresser tend to over exaggerate to get you to pay the extra money. But, let me tell you that this product actually works. My hair feels and looks the same as it did before.

However, for best result you would obviously need to use there after care shampoo and conditioner, and yes they are on the pricer side, but they do work and trust me it’s worth it. If your the kind of person who dyes his/her regularly and tend to lean towards the crazy/trendy colors, then I would highly recommend trying out the B3. You won’t regret it.


Would anyone of you be willing to pay the extra cash for better results? Or think its waste of money? If you have any further questions regarding the products, I would be glad to answer your questions. Your comments are highly appreciated.


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