Must Haves for the Gym

Hello my loves, 

As most of you know, I am back at my old routine of going to the gym and sticking to it! Going to the gym is more than just a work out, it’s a lifestyle that you get to follow to see the perfect results. 

If your anything like me and have made spending time at the gym part of your daily life routine, getting your gym bag in order could save you some free time everyday. Sometimes packing for a workout feels like you are preparing for a weekend gateway (if your like me and over pack obviously). I have noticed that every gym bag reflects its owner’s personality, however there are a few essentials that we all have in common

You all know how super organized I am and well try to be and how much of a freak I am when it comes to planning and preparation, well below are must-haves when it comes to your gym bag.

  • Water Bottle: 

Every gym provides water coolers all around, but why should you carry your own bottle? Well, for one you don’t have to walk all the way for a drink risking losing your station and second its way healthier and sanitized this way (all of you with OSD’s will agree with me!). 

  • Music and headphones:

This is my number 1 gym essential honestly; all you need is a good soundtrack to get you motivated to workout. 

  • Hair Tie:

I don’t understand how some workout with their hairs down; raise your hands if you agree! Well I can’t for sure workout with my hair down, I always make sure I carry extra just incase it gets lost or breaks. 

  • Extra Socks:

This might sound a bit silly however keep an extra pair of each in your bag, there were days where I discovered I have forgotten mine after driving all the way to the gym, its always better to pack an extra pair to ensure that you never have to workout without socks, plus they won’t take up much room

  • Hand Sanitizer:

Workout equipment can be disgusting and carry a lot of germs as they are being used by hundreds on a daily basis, just stay safe and healthy by carrying a hand sanitizer in your bag after your work out and before heading out of the gym.

  • Dry Shampoo:

There are times where your planning on heading out or meeting a friend after your workout, that’s where dry shampoo comes in handy by refreshing your look.

  • Dry Bag:

Sweaty gym clothes should never be mixed with other things in your bag, just carry an extra plastic bag to put in your dirty gym clothes in.

  • Post-Workout Snack:

If your trying to build muscle then you will need to have a little protein after working out, the best way to have protein after a workout is by carrying a simple protein bar or a protein shake.

Comment down below; what are you workout must-haves?

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