Mist Toner?!

Hello everyone,

I guess you all know by now my struggle with dry skin. Being someone with dry skin my search for hydrating products never ends. While looking around ‘The Face Shop’ store I came across ‘Chia Seed Hydrating Mist Toner’. I was so intrigued when I first encountered it… Mist toner?! When we hear the word toner’ all we think of is a liquid solution used with a cotton pad to wipe off dead skin cells. So what is this product all about…

Well, it is described as ‘a mist type toner for quick soothing and moisture recharging with fine moisture drops.’ It is designed to soothe dry and sensitive skin as well as promises full hydration with the use of chia seed.


I like how fine the mist is, it feels smooth and amazing. The scent is pleasant.

Overall Thoughts:

An amazing combination of both a mist and a toner. It is a very good at soothing and hydrating throughout the day especially through these hot summer days. It is perfect to travel with as it is lightweight. However, the question is ‘would I re-purchase it?’ I don’t think I would unless they made a mini size of it, because even though it is soothing and calming; it is just not as hydrating as I would have wanted it to be, I would get one just to carry around in my purse for these hot sunny days for whenever I am feeling dry and dehydrated.

Have you ever tried a similar product?

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