Is Dressing Minimalist Boring?

Hello Fashion Lovers,

It seems like everything in fashion has been minimal lately; from minimal living to minimal style to minimal décor and design and the words ‘minimal’ and ‘boring’ seem to be aligned!

In fact, minimalist fashion can be just as cool and inspiring and lavish looking as any other fashion trend and I realized the other day that minimal is truly my thing. I like to venture and experiment but every time I do, I always seem to ravatite around minimal options. I keep things simple and I style things simple and I love it! But the question here is; is dressing minimally boring?

The answer is defiantly NO.

The basic principles of a minimalist wardrobe are pairing of essentials, choosing quality over quantity and going for versatile pieces instead of trendy. Keep scrolling down to read some tips and tricks on how being minimalist does not always mean boring.

  1. Your basics don’t have to be basic:

The thing I like most about minimalist fashion is that it takes the spotlight off trends and loud prints and focuses on silhouette of your clothing which means it’s time for the basic and classis pieces to shine! Instead of a plain white shirt, you can go for one with a unique neckline or an interesting sleeve.

  1. Long Dress & Slingbacks:

You can pair a simple lightweight dress with slingbacks for a casual chic look that would also work perfectly as an office look.

  1. Suit & Loafers:

Instead of a black suit go for something like light pink or while for a more modern look. You can dress it down with a pair of loafers for an office look or dress it up with a cute pair of heels for after office events or parties.

  1. T-Shirt & Skirt & Mules:

A simple tee can look elevated when paired with a printed skirt and mules but stick to one color palate to look streamlined.

Let me know what are your opinions in regards to dressing minimal? And how do you incorporate minimal fashion into your everyday look?

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