How To Write A To-Do List And Stick To It!

Hello Everyone,

Have you been creating a to-do list and still failing to complete the tasks? Is it the lack of motivation or are you making a wrong to-do list? How effective is your to-do list? Does it help you plan your day? Does it nudge you to prioritize the right tasks? Just a few questions that you should ask yourself while making your to-do list.

We have all fallen into the trap of trying to do too much at once and ending up not doing anything at all! Between getting chores done, to work-work, to working out, socializing, achieving goals, meeting expectations and meeting deadlines and the list goes on…

To-do lists are a great way to keep track of tasks. But often they end up too long, too short, too vague, too confusing, overcommitted, or even too meticulously planned. Remember, a good to-do list should serve you; you should not be at its mercy. 

How to build a to-do list that actually works? Well, I have put together some pointers that I have learned throughout all these years on the way to create a list that’s actually productive – and that you’ll actually stick to.

  • The 1-3-5 Rule:

Before even starting your to-do list, I always advise anyone getting started to have a clear idea about what goals you are trying to achieve, your goals should determine your daily priorities. 

This is where the 1-3-5 rule comes in handy: by mapping out one big thing, three medium things, and five smaller things you want to get done that day, you’ll instantly know where your priorities lie (and what can wait). This technique can help add some structure to your to-do list, thus making it easier to get stuff done.

  • Keep Your To-Do List To A Manageable Size:

Remember that less is more! I encourage you to keep your to-do lists short and sweet, because if you have a long one then you may run the risk of not completing everything and feeling defeated as a result. It’s best to accomplish a handful of things and feel good, then to accomplish only half the things on your list and feel miserable.

  • Be Specific With Your Tasks:

It is essential that you are extremely clear with every task that makes it on to your list. Lack of clarity can make a task virtually impossible to achieve. When you are specific you create clarity in your mind which enables it to focus.

  • Set Yourself Realistic goals:

Re-think every task that you are adding to your list, if it really needs to be listed or could be completely avoided. The main problem with unrealistic goals and a higher number of tasks is it frightens you at the day’s beginning and ends up being a frustration at the end of the day.

Make sure those tasks are important and would be given with sufficient time of your day to it. If you have no time for an additional task, no point in filling up your daily to-do list. Set yourself realistic tasks, and a realistic number of goals per day, don’t overdo it.

  • Write It Down On Paper:

I find it more effective when I write down notes rather than typing them on my phone, something about hand written notes makes it easier to remember and makes them stick in my brain more effectively. I always carry a small notebook anywhere I go and jot down notes as I go, give that a try!

  • Keep It Flexible:

Never forget to keep your to-do list flexible. You never know what work is going to pop-up between the tasks that you have planned. Also, the tasks that have been left out or unfinished should be pushed for the next day, today’s left-out tasks should be on the high-priority of tomorrow’s tasks. 

  • Do not forget Time Management:

Knowing what you exactly want to do and when to do them would help get you halfway through your task. One important thing you need to take care of is the amount of time you cater to each task. Now that you know what tasks you need to perform, look into the amount of time required to accomplish those tasks.

Hope you guys enjoyed todays post let me know if your a to-do list junkie like I am and your tips and tricks!

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