How To Wear A Specific Trend On A Budget

Hello Fashion Lovers,

Let’s face it; we all want to look classy and expensive without breaking the bank. Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to look like it! Looking expensive on a budget is possible and it is not at all dependent on your wardrobe budget. This post isn’t about looking like you have a million dollars, but rather how to look chic, powerful, and put together. 

I firmly believe fashion is a unique voice that we should all use to communicate to the world who we are, and better yet, who we want to be. Moreover, keeping up with the ever-changing trends in fashion can be an expensive affair, but by having a few clever styling tricks up your sleeve, mixing the right pieces, and rediscovering your own wardrobe, you can completely transform and elevate your look without spending a buck!

In today’s post I am going to go over some ideas and provide you with some advice that you can begin implementing right now to upgrade your style. Here are some easy ways that you can start implementing today to help you look and feel fabulous while on a budget:

Shop at resale stores:

The best way to maintain a low budgets is to get your clothes from resale or outlet stores, rather than straight off the rack, trust me you will find cheap trendy pieces. There are many stylish pieces that you can find because some of them come straight from stores.

Try thrifting and buy pre-owned and second handed items:

You can find amazing pieces of clothing from thrift shops for more then half off. Shops such as Goodwill and Salvation Army are famous for having fashionable clothes. If you do have a small budget to spend, then think about shopping at sites that sell secondhand, pre-owned, and vintage items, such as The RealReal (for designer discount goods), Etsy, eBay, Depop and Poshmark as well as other online vintage stores.

Focus on staple pieces first:

The first tip to building a trendy wardrobe is to make sure you have enough basics to serve a variety of different outfits. This means looking for clothes that are neutral, free of complicated patterns and easy to pair with other clothes.

Take advantage of accessorizing:

Any outfit can be easily elevated with the right accessories. A bold headband, a cool scrunchie, a statement chain necklace, a vintage-print headscarf, baseball cap, or cool hair clips can all add a fashion-forward look. A statement scrunchie and baseball caps are having a major moment ATM and help instantly jazz up any outfit. 

Be creative:

You don’t need to go out and spend your money to look trendy; you can be creative with the clothes, which you currently have. For example, a classic relaxed button-down shirt can be styled with cycling shorts, tube socks, and sneakers one day and worn under a knit bra top the next. Get creative with the pieces you love most.  

Layering is key:

Following the note above, layering your existing clothes can also create a stylish look. For example, wearing your tube socks over the bottom of your sweats, belting an oversize cardigan, or styling a hoodie under a blazer. There are countless cool ways to feel stylish using the pieces you already own.

Hope you enjoyed todays post, comment down below sharing your tips and tricks.

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