How to Pick the Perfect Lipstick

Hello Beautiful People,

Imagine standing before a makeup counter at a department store and staring at all the lipstick options and being stuck thinking ‘what lipstick shade should I get?’ There are so many different lipstick undertones, consistencies and finishes that can make your makeup shopping seem like a mission!

There is no doubt that the perfect lipstick shade can make you feel invincible, adding a touch of color to your lips can make a huge difference to your look. Considering there are literally hundreds of different lipsticks out there, so finding the perfect shade can seem a little bit overwhelming at times.

If you have difficulties choosing the perfect lipstick color, look no further! I have put together some tips to help you find your signature shade.

Step One: Determine your Skin Tone:

The very first step in choosing the right shade is determining your skin tone, the main types of skin complexion are:

  1. Fair/light– your skin is pale and you get sunburned easily and may have freckles. The lipstick shade that usually looks great with fair/light skin are light pink, coral, nude, peach and dusty reds.
  2. Medium– you tan easily and generally don’t burn. Your perfect shade would be rose, cherry red, berry and mauve.
  3. Tan– you can go for corals, deep pink, bright red, just stay away from brown and purple shades.
  4. Dark– you rarely or never get sunburns, lipstick shades that would perfectly suit you would be brown and purple shades like plum, wine, caramel and blue-based reds.

Quick tip: to know your skin tone, examine your skin in natural lighting with a hand mirror.

Step Two: Determine your Skin Undertone:

Knowing your skin undertone will definitely help guide you, it is an essential step to find your perfect lipstick shade, the 3 undertones are:

  1. Cool – your undertone looks blue, red or pink, people with cool undertone typically burn easily, tan very slowly, look better in silver jewelry, in addition, the vein on your wrist look blue. Cool-toned lipsticks will have blue and purple undertones. Look for blue hues like plum, cherry, mauve, crimson and purples.
  2. Warm – people with warm undertones tan easily, look better in gold jewelry and vein on your wrist look green. Warmer lipsticks have reddish, peach, orange or even yellowish undertones and tend to lean towards orangey hues, like coral, gold, copper, and browns. Peachy pink shades, orange-toned reds, and rosy pink shades will complement your skin tone best.
  3. Neutral– have both cool and warm tones, so almost every shade will look great on you.

Quick tip: to find your skin undertone, take a look at the veins on your wrist in natural light. If your veins appear blue then your have cool-toned skin with pink undertones. If your veins appear green, you have warm-tones skin with yellow undertones. Lastly if your veins appear both blue and green then you have a neutral undertone, and almost every shade will look great on you!

Step Three: Eye Color:

Your eye color can play an important role in choosing the perfect lip shade as well.

  1. Brown Eyes:browns, bright red and light pinks
  2. Blue Eyes: different shades of cherry suits you perfectly
  3. Green Eyes: pinks and terracotta
  4. Grey Eyes:nudes and plum colors

These are some simple tips you can follow when it comes to choosing your perfect lip shade; leave a comment down below sharing your experience with choosing your perfect shade?

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