How to look chic on the go!

Hello beautiful people,

We are living in a world where fashion options are endless and it could get overwhelming when deciding what to wear. But frankly, there are a few secrets to looking great on the go. Here are some rules I have learned to master being a fashion blogger.

  • Add a motorcycle jacket:

It instantly improves any outfit, it doesn’t matter if it’s a as simple as jeans and t-shirt or a dress or even a gym outfit; it will make you look chic in no matter of time.

  • Always wear sunglasses:

My best tip for those extreme lazy days, just slap one on and your ready to go.

  • Hats:

Fashion is all about making a statement and no better way to do that other then with a hat.

  • Tucked in shirts:

Whether it’s a t-shirt, sweater or a silk shirt, just grab the middle front piece and tuck it in and there you go… your look has been instantly revamped. 

  • Layers on layers on LAYERS:

The more layers your have, the better (just don’t over do it!). A statement coat/jacket on top of a plain shirt can take your look from a 3 to 10.

  • Wear your jacket on your shoulder:

Just think of your jacket as a cape with sleeves. This is one of my personal favorites; it transforms your outfit with zero effort.

Looking more fashionable is not always about wearing the trendiest or the most expensive outfits. Sometimes it’s as easy as just tucking in your shirt or throwing on a pair of sunglasses. Comment down below your tricks on how to look chic while on the go.

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