How to get your Wardrobe Ready for Spring

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As we head into the new season, I bet you all are already looking forward to a slightly warmer weather, brighter evenings and an all-new fashion trend! If you are refreshing your wardrobe for the new season, it goes without saying that investing in the classics is a wiser choice. After all, you will always keep a pair of your favorite jeans, boots and a lightweight sweater no matter what the weather may bring upon us.

There are so many spring trends that will keep you dazed for days! But I am here to help… with my 2019 spring fashion trends guide you will turn into pretty fashionista’s, its just up to you my lovely readers if you will catch this opportunity right now or wait till its too late. 

  • Leopard Print: 

Surprised to see leopard print all over spring 2019? Animal print and especially leopard prints are still going strong and I can’t deny how happy I am. It was one of the most popular trend last year and its here to stay.

  • Vintage Vibes:

It appears that the 1980’s trend is back on. You will be seeing a lot of strong shoulders, glitzy and party dresses as well as a glimpse of princess Diana skirt suits making a comeback. Its all about elegance, feminism and sophistication.

  • Asymmetrical Necklines:

The off-balanced silhouette running down your shoulder, wraps around your neck and twists around your collarbone. Its something I am defiantly looking forward to this season.

  • X-Girl Sunglasses:

This 90’s inspired shape of sunglasses is back, it gives you this kind of edgy look that we all love to rock.

  • Square Neckline:

This look is very dainty and elegant as well as extremely flattering; you can find this style in every outfit including a day dress, bodysuits and etc.…

  • Sunshine Shads:

In every season, there is a certain color that’s the most dominate and in this spring season it’s the color yellow. Even though I am not a huge fan of yellow, I can’t deny the fact that it looks amazing.

  • Colored Tailoring:

From oversized blazers to wide leg trousers, be prepared to see lots of bold bright spring colors all season round and I am not mad about it. I am a huge fan of tailored suits and I bet you all are, they look sophisticated, elegant and glamour’s if I say so myself. 

  • Washed-out denim:

I am a huge fan of the denim on denim look but the question is; who isn’t? If your a huge denim lover like myself, I highly recommend you try the washed-out denim look and let me know what you think about it down below.

These were my most favorite fashion trends for spring 2019, now you have everything you need to get a jump-start for the next season. Comment down below, which of the mentioned trends you like the mo

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