How To Build Your Style Confidence

Hello Fashion Lovers,

Having a healthy self-confidence is vital to your well being, it is both mentally and emotionally beneficial to feel good about yourself.

You need confidence to be creative, to express your personal style and most importantly to have fun with fashion. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses an innate sense of confidence to do so. In fact, I have heard a lot of girls/women and even men say that they would love to have more confidence to dress a certain way and personally, I am still on my own style journey as well…Wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself can change the way you interact with others as well as how you feel about yourself.

It is important to enjoy dressing up and to have the confidence to try different things and just really go out of your comfort zone every once in a while. So, here are 5 tips to help you boost your style confidence!

  1. Step out of your comfort zone

This is definitely not going to be easy or comfortable to do but you need to start taking baby steps. Try by wearing a bold item that is within your comfort zone, see how it makes you feel, and when you feel comfortable with it; just add bolder pieces. You just need to train yourself to become more confident when it comes to fashion, by taking baby steps.

  1. Get rid of clothes that makes you feel bad

If a certain piece of clothing item in your closet makes you feel bad about yourself whenever you put it on then it’s time to do something about that! Ditch clothes that just make you not feel so good about yourself, hanging onto those pieces does nothing but reinforce a sense of unsurety. Just like what Marie Kondo said ‘If an item doesn’t “spark joy,” when it’s touched, the person should thank it for being a part of his life, and then donate or trash it’.

  1. Stop waiting

Don’t put your style on hold and never wait for a point in the future to do what you want… just go for, invest in your time now!

  1. Find your style role model

I feel like it’s important to get inspo from others, either celebrities or just random people walking down the street. With that being said, your style has to be about you, your personality, your figure and your lifestyle. So don’t copy others! Create a Pinterest Board or save Instagram Posts of styles your admire and think about how you can incorporate and adapt it into your own

  1. Anyone can do fashion, but style is personal

There are no rules in fashion and following trends is never ideal in my opinion. Your sense of style has to come from within. With style, you tell the world who you are and it allows you the chance to showcase yourself in a unique way. It’s important to be confidant with who you are on the inside to be able to present yourself to the outside world.

Hope your enjoyed today short content!

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