How I Stay Organised

Hello my beautiful brunettes,

I guess that by now you all know; I am an organise freak! I have obsessively planned out my entire life since I was able to speak…literally! Ever since I could remember, I used to carry with me a small planner everywhere I went, I used to even carry with me post-it notes and just place them literally all over my bedroom walls, notebooks and etc…

I am literally a planner freak! My day would never start without having it all planned out. I just cannot stay organized without having it all planned; and if someone tries to interrupt or mess up with my very precise schedule, I would go absolutely insane. I find that keeping my life organized helps me stay at least a little sane.

Planners are like art to me, seriously! I just enjoy flipping through them seeing how they are laid out.

I like to have an agenda with a decent amount of space to write down my daily plans, place my notes for the week, have a to-do and etc…

I have been through a lot of planners throughout my lifetime but I have never come across a more amazing planner like ‘Erin Condren’; it is a god-send. This planner is just amazing, it is customizable to everyone’s needs/desires, it also comes with extra pages and lots of cute little stickers to decorate as you go. As for the covers, you have many options to choose from such as silver, gold, matte black and even rose gold.

Because of my crazy schedule (juggling between work, university and blogging); planners are a must to me, it just keeps me sane; it is a perfect match for my crazy life. Feels good having everything planned and organized.

Am I the only crazy person? Or are some of you just like me? Go ahead and share your favorite way/s to stay organized with using the hash-tag #plannercrazy (make sure to tag me so I can get to see you pictures)

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