Hair Care Holy Grail

Hello Beauties,

Hope you all doing well! Well by now you have heard me hype about certain hair care products but never really talked about my routine. So… buckle up ladies/gents, presenting to you my all time favorite hair care products.

Over the past few years, my hair has gone through some kind of changes in term of color, but no matter what I end up doing with my hair, I really do absolutely take the best care of it. Most of you have seen how my hair looks and I do get a lot of questions here and there regarding how do I maintain my locks, well then for all those who are wondering what I use’ scroll down to discover my holy grail hair products!

Kerastase Discipline:

My all time favorite hair brand. Yes, it is on the pricier side but let me tell you this product works like magic. I have had my own share of hair issues and nothing really worked on me like Kerastase hair products have. I do change between this and the Gold Elixir. It leaves your hair-feeling super clean and hydrates; as well as helps with de-frizzing. Plus it smells super amazing.

Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque:

Cannot express my love to this product. It is a game changer! It is ridiculously amazing! It helps with hydrating, shinning and smoothing and has tons of amazing ingredients. Just leave it for 7-10 minutes and your hair will thank you for it!

Macadamia Leave-in Conditioning Mist:

At first I was not sure if using a hair mist and mask would be a good idea but I was amazed by how much I fell in love with this product. Helps to detangle hair and gives it a but of shine. Used best on damp hair… makes combing way easier.

Wide-tooth comb:

My all time favorite product! I have had it for years and years. Once upon a time, I didn’t really see the purpose of a wide toothcomb until I eventually gave it a try. Again, help with detangling and doesn’t break your hair like a traditional one would.

Kerastase Gold Elixir Hair Oil:

After drying my hair sometimes the blow dryer makes my hair look a bit dull especially with my hair type. That’s where this baby comes in use! After drying my hair. I add a few drops into the palms of my hands to warm it up and work it into my ends to help give me that silky shine texture! It also helps to de-frizz my hair. Would highly recommend Kerastae Gold Elixir to all hair types.


I do believe that vitamins in our age is necessary, you might think that there is no use of it but trust me it makes a lot of difference. It helps with keeping your hair growing strong. It is really important to take care of them form inside out!

Thats it my loves… my hair care routine! I have tried a lot of different ways and finally found something that my hair loves. Comment down below; sharing your holy grail hair product/’s. Have a great long holiday everyone!

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