Guilty Pleasures

Hello beautiful people,

How is everyone doing? Well, today I will be talking about guilty pleasures; those weird little things that gives us joy or instant gratification that we rarely talk or share about to even our closest friend… well, I am coming clean!

Guilty pleasures are exhilarating and there is defiantly no denying that they bring job to our lives when needed the most. So, why don’t we indulge in these pleasures more often? Here are my top 5 guilty pleasures. 

  • Celebrity Gossip:

It doesn’t matter if I care about the celebrity or if they’re A lists or if I know anything about them, I enjoy wasting many hours Goggling and searching everything anyone needs to know about them.

  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians:

My number one favorite best guilty pleasure and totally not ashamed about it; and I believe everyone else would totally agree with me! There is just something about them that’s addictive and I love it.

  • Netflix and YouTube:

I believe everyone is addicted as I am at this point, there is a lot of unnecessary thing but there is also a lot of interesting, educational and just plain entertainment. 

  • Coffee:

Even though I am a coffee addict, sadly I can’t enjoy it on daily basis; but when I do, I feel the happiest all day!

  • Window shopping:

I bet most of your can relate to this one. I window shop way more then I actually shop, it gives me a fix for wanting new things without spending money.

I am intrigued to know what are your guilty pleasures? So leave a moment down below letting me know

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