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Hello Beauties,

Well, most of you know this by now that I am defiantly obsessed with not only hair care but also skincare! I do talk about this like A LOT and do post a lot of product reviews (oops!). I have been talking a lot about different skincare brands here and there; however I will be sharing with you today my top 6 beauty products (used everyday religiously) in order to achieve a glowy complexion.

Just like hair products; skin products need to be changed regularly as once your skin starts adapting to it; it stops working. I always seem to test out products to see what works best for me, however I do always go back to the same products (blog post: skincare magic).

Without further a-do, below are some of my recent favorites that I have been using for over a couple of months.

  1. Clearasonic Mia 2:

I have talked about this product a million times and have been featured in my blog a couple of times as well. I cannot seem to get rid of it! I use it to clean off my makeup as it does an amazing job in doing so without making my skin feel/look dry. I have had a very bad experience with makeup removers/wipes in the past and I am really happy with this.

  1. Chia Seed Mist Toner by ‘The Face Shop’:

This product has got me hooked! I have mentioned it in a blog post in the past. To read more “link

  1. Anti Blemish Solution by ‘Clinique’:

My go to product! Not a mistake… perfect for all age groups. To read more “link”.

  1. Sleep Mask by ‘The Face Shop’:

In drier months, our skin seems to look dull and need extra hydration. This is my go to product for days like that. To read more “link

  1. Vaseline:

My ride or die! Literally one of my favorite products and something that I have been using for religiously years! It goes with me everywhere. I tend to have very dry, chapped lips all year round especially during the colder months and nothing ever worked on me like Vaseline has… magic in a bottle is what I call it. I apply a small amount of it on my lips and wash it off in the morning, try it out… you will not regret it!

  1. Genifique Yeux Light Pearl Eye cream by ‘Lancôme’:

I have been using this product for a couple of months now and it has dramatically transformed my dark under eye circles. The product comes with a cooling massage tool (built-in), to help spread the product as well as ‘massage’ the area. Unlike most eye creams, it’s thin and gets absorbed really fast.

What is your go to skincare routine?

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