Glitter Beard?!

Hello Trendsetters,

I guess everyone knows by now that this new trend is causing a lot of buzz in social media. It’s the latest trend to surface on Instagram. It’s literally all over social media especially Instagram; were bearded men are starting to cover their beards with sparkly glitter.

Yup, men are literally dipping their facial hair in all kinds of glitter; from pink to blue to gold or even multi coloured.

I honestly don’t hate it, ya it is weird however it would be interesting to watch them attempt to eat with all the glitter so near their mouths. Everyone has different opinion towards this particular trend, but I think that it is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. It would obviously be weird for an everyday look but for a party I guess its okay.

Let me know what you think about these glitter beards in the comments below.

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