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Full Proof Nails?!

Hello my beautiful readers,

You have asked for it…here it is yet another product review by ‘The Face Shop’ but this time a more colorful one! Just like a statement necklace, your nail color can be a key accessory. We either spend hundred of dollars getting it done by a professional or use a drug store nail polish; the secret to perfect nails are great nail polish.

Nail polish standards are too high now a days; you might ask you’re self “what is she even talking about!?”. Well we live in a age where we look for instant gratification as in we expect a lot from out nail polish; which includes:

  1. Should be long lasting
  2. Affordable
  3. Dry superfast
  4. Chip resistant

Is it a lot to ask for to have a nail polish that has all four properties?

Well I was in a look out for a nail polish that lives up the ‘standard’ and decided to try and test out 3 different nail polish ranges that ‘The Face Shop’ has to offer; which are:

  1. Gel Touch Nails
  2. Expert Nails
  3. Trendy Nails


1. Gel Touch Nails:

 Product Feature:

  • Quick drying
  • Long lasting
  • Super glossy color effect
  • Trendy vivid color

The color that I went for was a coral peachy color in the share OR203. Let me just say I was a but disappointed of this product, it was not long lasting at all and did up chipping a day after applying it even though it claims to last up to a week. It however was quick drying and super glossy.

2. Expert Nails:

Product Feature:

  • Long lasting
  • Highly pigmented

The color I went for was a dark navy color in the shade BL01. I loved this product and do highly recommend it. It delivered as promised and did last up to 6 days, which is quite impressive…thumbs up!

3. Trendy Nails

Product Feature:

  • Streak free
  • Professional Nail Brush
  • High Gloss Base

This product comes in multiple shades from light to dark to sparkly ones. I went for the shade GL1004 that as you can see is a sparkly one. I would totally recommend this product; does as promised…which is what we are all looking for right? It however is hard to take off which is one down side of it.

Overall rating

I have used a lot of different brands over the years and ‘The Face Shop’ nail polish is on my top list; it not only deliveries what it promises but is also affordable. The only one that I would not recommend to get is the ‘Gel Touch Nails’; it was a total disappointment.

What is your favorite nail polish brand?

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