Frizzy Hair Remedies

Hello my Gorgeous Brunettes,

Being on the same topic as my last blog post-hair & makeup, today I will be talking about ways in which you can tackle frizzy/untamed hair.

I personally have  ‘very hard to manage’ hair. Living in a an extremely humid country, frizzy hair is a daily battle. Seriously it’s a nightmare, especially on those very humid days. Therefore, today’s blog post is detected to all the lovely ‘frizzy hair’ ladies out there. I feel ya girls!

  1. To begin with, my number one hair remedy is coconut oil, I swear on this product, it’s my holy grail hair product. I usually apply it to my hair once/twice a week before going to bed and wash it the next morning . In addition, coconut oil adds luster and shine as well ass prevents hair breakage and split ends
  2. Don’t skip conditioner, opt for a very moisture rich conditioner or hair mask. I personally prefer hair masks over conditioners, it works wonders in providing moisture to the hair. Macadamia has an amazing hair mask it is called “Macadamia Deep Repair Masque”, just apply it to your hair for 15 minutes after shampooing and you’re hair will feel amazing, I guarantee u that
  3. Choose a sulfate free, glycerin-packed shampoo
  4. Don’t overdo with the shampoo, because the main reason behind frizz as we all know is lack of moisture, and shampoo’s tends to suck all the moisture out of your hair.
  5. Let your hair dry 90% of the way before you blow-dry.
  6. Give your hair a break and rock your own natural hair every once in a while.
  7. Hair Serum is your BFF.
  8. Avoid brushing dry hair (something that I don’t seem to learn!)
  9. Don’t over process hair. Relaxers and straighteners can make hair brittle and lead to breakage. Go easy on products.

Ladies, always read the product labels, make sure everything you’re getting/using is packed with natural oils, protein and etc.. I personally have tried the Brazilin Blowout and if anyone is interested to know about my experience just let me know, I can post all about it.

Anyways, tell me if you tried any of the remedies I have mentioned and if it worked on you, if not then you can suggest what works on you.

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