Favorite Winter Fragrance

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Looking for a new winter scent to cozy up to? Well, its time of year once again where we not only update our knit collection but also our fragrance wardrobe.

As the weather starts to dip low; spice wood and musky scents earn popularity and citrus or fresh notes are not really suitable for the colder weather.

Shopping for a winter perfume guide:

  1. Woody scent: patchouli, amber and juniper.
  2. Sweet fruit and flower scent: fid, vanilla and rose.
  3. Spicy and masculine influenced scent: coffee, pink pepper, bergamot and ginger.

These notes offer a wide range of selections, but all depends on your taste and preference.

This winter I have been obsessing over Yves Saint Laurenta.k.a. YSLBlack Opium’ perfume; it’s just the perfect combination of both warm and sweet. Its keynotes are: white flower, black coffee, jasmine and vanilla. It embodies the elegant sweetness since it has the vanilla and warm undertones; it’s the perfect choice for winter.

Comment down below your favorite winter fragrance.

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