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Hello my beautiful readers,

Hope everyone is doing great! Being new to all this, I have certainly read as well as followed a lot of amazing blogs throughout the past few years.

I am not talking about the blogs that you follow because you feel like you have to or just because everyone else is following them. Over the past few years, I have actually moved away from following those blogs and found myself following bloggers in totally different niches.

I love reading blogs that I can truly related to as well as the flow on inspiration I feel scrolling down their feed. Some I have followed for years and years, while some are pretty new to me. These are the blogs that your will find me reading…

  1. Negin Mirsalehi:

A lifestyle and fashion blog, full of all sorts of great posts on everything from fashion to beauty and lifestyle.


  1. Camilia Coelho:

A fashion and beauty blogger as well as YouTuber, full of great inspiration and beauty tips and tricks.

  1. Song of style:

A blog by Aimee Song,blogger as well as YouTuber, on everything from style to design, travel and beauty.

  1. Ilirida Krasniqi:

Beauty and travel blogger, posts all about her experience while on the go ad well as fashion and beauty inspiration.

  1. Be more with less:

A blog by Courtney Carver, filled with some of the best tips on how to live a more simple and meaningful life.

  1. A day with Jenna:

A lifestyle blog by Jenna Jonovich who shares stories about her daily life and adventures as well as shares her favorite experiences with the world

7. The Chriselle Factor:

Fashion stylist, lifestyle, beauty blogger and a digital influence called Chriselle Lim. Travels all around the world and documents her experience with the world.

Comment down below your favourite blogs to read and let me know if you follow any of the above influences?

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