Easy Ways to Change Things up

Hello Everyone,

Is it just me, or has these past few months felt like a long year?! If you have been social distancing and still working from home, its easy to get stuck in a boring routine. This entire year has just been weird for all of us, we are experiencing something that has never happened before and who would have thought it would.

This year has been eye opening for all of us, we have been given a chance to change up some aspects of our lives to make it better. It is known that small changes, consistently made over time, make the biggest difference in our lives. With that being said, I have found myself trying to introduce more and more change in my life whenever I can and it has positively changed my outlook to life.

Anyways, I have put together few of my favorite ways to change things up so scroll down to read more!

  1. Try Out a New Hobby:

Having a lot of time to spare, it was the perfect time to try getting into a new hobby I have always been wanting to do but never had the time to do so, which is cycling. With social distancing and nowhere to go, it was the perfect time to start, plus its a great workout! So whether its cycling, horse riding, writing, or whatever, its the perfect time for you to start, its never too late to try out a new hobby!

  1. Start Cooking:

Everyone who knows me, knows that I don’t really cook but with having lots of time on my hand and nothing to do and coupled with the fact that restaurants were closed, it was a great time for me to experiment with cooking; after all, cooking is a great way to keep yourself entertained.

  1. Change up your Beauty Routine:

I was never the kind of girl who would go bold with her hair or makeup; I have always liked the simple look. However, lately I have been experimenting with different makeup colors and hair styles that I never thought would look good on me but turns out they do and I am loving it!

  1. At-Home Self-Care:

For years, I have been going to salon or spa center to get pampered at least once a month but with salons and spas being closed or not providing all the services (for the time being), I had no choice but to start pampering myself at the comfort of my home. I usually treat myself to a manicure once a month, I have resorted to doing my own manicures at home and now I have set aside an hour every month to cut, file, and paint my nails. As for my hair and skin, I have been applying a restorative hair and face mask every once a week as well as taking a long bubble bath.

  1. Try New Skincare Brands:

With changing up my beauty routine and getting more into at-home self care; I have been playing with some new skincare brands (something that I would never usually do!) and been loving the results honestly. Change in even the smallest forms is so much better then keeping everything always the same.

  1. Try Online Workout:

Even though gyms and fitness centers are open again, I just don’t feel that its safe to go (I am a germ freak guys), anyways, since the start of Covid and with everything being closed, I never actually stopped working out. I dedicated an hour of my day for my workouts, you can find plenty of cook and easy at home workout videos on YouTube. Even if your just have 15 mins to spare, trying a new workout is a great way to change up your daily routine and to get your blood flowing.

What lifestyle changes have you implementing in your routine during this pandemic?

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