Dress Up your Sneakers

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year, hope you all had an amazing holiday! Well, we are starting of the year with some fashion inspiration. If you know me, then you already know that I am all about confines and just being comfortable in what I am wearing and I have found the right pair of fashion accessories to complete my journey towards being comfy, and by reading the little you guys already know what I am talking about! SNEAKERS.

Lately, sneakers have infiltrated my everyday wear. These days, sneakers are suitable for almost any occasion, including places like the office or a date night. Sneakers are the perfect addition to any outfit; you can dress them up or down by making them super athleisure. You can basically pair them with ANYTHING in your closet. With this trend emerging, brands are upping their sneakers game with new designs and concept that are more on the high-end side.

Here are a few examples on how I love to dress up sneakers.

  1. Pair them with cuffed jeans

Nothing looks cooler then pairing a cuffed denim jean with a pair of white sneakers.


  1. Team them with a midi dress or skirt

A casual look for any occasion, can be paired perfectly with both a midi dress or a skirt.

  1. Try them with denim on denim

A lot of people out there actually hate the look of double denim, but I honestly love it and what better way to rock it then with a sneaker?

  1. Add them to a long dress

Dress down a maxi dress with a pair of your favorite sneakers.

  1. Wear them with a suit

With work and all, lately I have been loving the laid-back business look. All you need is a suit set preferably a loser fitted one, then just pair your sneakers to tire the whole look together.

  1. Monochrome is the way to go

Lastly, you can never really go wrong with a full monochrome look and a perfect sneaker, it’s an easy way to elevate your style.

How do you dress up your sneakers?

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