Does It Actually Work?

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Many of us crave the same things when it comes to hair: healthy, long, strong and shiny. People, especially women all around the world spend thousands on hair products that promise to improve the quality and the overall look of our hair.

For those of you who have been living under a rick, ‘Sugar Bear Hair’ has recently made an absolute explosion on social media. After apt amount of research, I finally decided to cave in and try it out myself.

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins has been taking the world by storm, but does it really work?

When I fist saw them all over my instagram feed, that is what I exactly thought ‘does it actually work or is it just another hype?’. Therefore, I decided to finally put the product to the test and see what the sugar bear craze is all about, so I went ahead and ordered the 3 months supply, which consists of 3 boxes with 60 tablets. In a nutshell, you take two Gummy Bears per day; I take one in the morning one at night.

The company claims that the user can grow healthy and long hair by taking a sweet and sugary gummy bears. Each of the gummy vitamins is infused with berry and citrus fruits, giving them a sweet and delicious taste, unlike other gummy vitamins that may taste bland and processed. Additionally, these gummies are vegan friendly.

When I received my adorable blue bundle from Sugar Bear, I was definitely surprised at how quickly the package came. In my package, I got 3 bottles of gummy vitamins (one for each month), a wooden hairbrush with the logo on the back, as well as a blue hair elastic.

 I took photos of my hair before and after and my monthly check-ins as the 3 months past by, to see if it actually works.

As you seen in the picture above, my hair was a bit dry, feathered, and frizzy and during that period, I was going through a major hair loss. As you can tell, my locks looked thirsty and needed some serious deep conditioning treatment…

After a month of taking the pills, I really have not noticed any miracle growth in my hair (it grew a bit), however, the overall health of my hair has definitely gone up. I lose significantly less strands in the shower and my frizz has actually gone down. So far so good!

That is when I actually started seeing results as of hair growth; I have noticed the most progress with my hair this month than I did the first month in. My hair health is surprisingly great considering how badly I needed a trim, and my hair has grown a decent amount. I am loving this product so far.

After three months of using Sugar Bear, not only has it grown well past my waist, but also the overall health of my hair has improved tremendously. After 3 months of putting it on a test, I would finally recommend giving Sugar Bear a try. I am thinking of getting another 3 months plan and just continuing this amazing journey.

My final thoughts on this product is that it really works, my hair has improved by at least 70% than it used to be, it still falls out a bit; but way less then it used to, however, it is shiny and longer now and personally, I have not experienced any side affects, it is very safe to take, sugar bears contain Biotin, vitamins, folic acid, coconut oil, and flavored from real berry and citrus fruit.

I honestly love how my hair feels after Sugar Bear hair, I think this is by far the best hair product and suits everyone, men to! I will keep taking these vitamins. I am very happy with the results.

Hope this review was beneficial to you guys and I hope you love them as much as I do. Let me know in the comments down below if you have tried them and your thoughts about them.


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