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Definition of beauty… what do you as individuals define beauty as? I for one was very intrigued to see what the world/society defines beauty as. Therefore, I decided to head over to Google and type in ‘definition of beauty’ and let me tell you that I was honestly shocked with what I saw.

Apparently, today’s society defines a women’s beauty by the amount of plastic surgery she got done and by all the makeup she has on… all the images that I saw were photo shopped to perfection, to transfer a natural looking women/girl into a doll like image.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against makeup nor plastic surgery what so ever but what happened to natural beauty?! Girl’s these days feel pressured by society to look picture perfect, just to be accepted by people around them and to be called ‘beautiful’. Why can’t we be called beautiful without a full face of makeup? Why can’t we just be ourselves and be natural? Why are women being judged day by day and pushed into spending thousands just to look alike? Why can’t we be unique in our own way? Millions and millions of unanswered questions!

Honestly, I am very self-conscious person especially when it comes to looks. With social media these days especially Instagram; scrolling down your feed and seeing all those gorgeous girls will make a person like me even less confident, even though I know for sure that it’s all photo shopped.

Beauty in my opinion should not be defined this way (by the amount of makeup on or by the amount of plastic surgery done), instead it should be defined by a person’s natural self. Everyone is beautiful in their own natural way and we do not need society to define that.

How do you as a person definition beauty?

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