How I Stay Organised

Hello my beautiful brunettes,

I guess that by now you all know; I am an organise freak! I have obsessively planned out my entire life since I was able to speak…literally! Ever since I could remember, I used to carry with me a small planner everywhere I went, I used to even carry with me post-it notes and just place them literally all over my bedroom walls, notebooks and etc…

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Definition of Beauty …

Definition of beauty… what do you as individuals define beauty as? I for one was very intrigued to see what the world/society defines beauty as. Therefore, I decided to head over to Google and type in ‘definition of beauty’ and let me tell you that I was honestly shocked with what I saw.

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Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! To celebrate the launch of my website, today I decided to do the TMI tag just for you guys to get to know me a little better. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Giving Back

I ‘am lost! I really am.
If you asked me a year ago what I wanted to be I would say “a successful business women working in one of the big 4 company’s”. To my surprise, as soon as I graduated I got the position that every person in my field would dream of.

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