Best Camera Equipment Every Fashion Blogger Should Invest In

Hello beautiful people,

Hope your all doing well! You probably have heard this saying over a million times now but a picture speaks a 1000 words. Oh yes it does! With all the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr’, there is a huge focus on creating visual content that is catchy and striking. Whether you are blogging for hobby or business, creating beautiful pictures will always help your blog stand out amongst all the others.

Grasping the art of fashion photography opens tons of doors of opportunities, whether you’re looking to shoot for the pages of magazines or purely to start your own fashion blog. It might appear like capturing moments is an easy task, however there is a lot that goes into it. Starting off, you might feel a bit too overwhelmed by so many camera options and by the ridicules prices, but you might want to look for a cheaper option to avoid being overwhelmed by so many settings and camera modes… been there done that!

Scroll down below to learn more about the best camera equipment’s to fashion bloggers especially for those starting off.

  1. Canon 5D mark 4:

Canon’s 5D Mark IV is a top noche cameras, it is a professional camera mostly used by professional photographers, and you will be defiantly paying a premium for it. This camera is a great investment piece for shooting all kinds of fashion images; from street style to runway… the images turn out to be beautiful! Much recommended camera that costs around $3500. Yes it is on the expensive side but it is worth the investment.

  1. Canon EOS 600D:

This camera costs around $500 which is an amazing cheap alternative. It is an amazing entry level DSLR camera perfect for us start up bloggers. It takes really good pictures and doesn’t do much harm to your wallet. I would defiantly recommend this product!

  1. Canon 50MM F1.8 lens:

You can get this product for around $115. This lens does an amazing job in taking sharp, precise pictures. Lens do transform your picture taking a game and I do believe that it is worth the investment.

  1. Joby Gorillapod:

If you’re looking for a good tripod then this is it! Works well this all kinds of cameras, it’s functional. Highly recommend getting this product.

There are tons of options out there, which leaves us confused. If you’re on a budget, then the best option for you would be the canon EOS 600D and Canon 50MM lens. Just test it out… you will not regret it. Hope this was somewhat helpful.

Comment down below, what do you believe is the best camera equipment for fashion bloggers?

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  • Nice post. It is compelling with well structured content. I like to read articles that provide options.
    For me, it is my first time I hear about “Joby Gorillapod”. The name itself is fun. I am getting excited to own one.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Keep it going!

  • Please allow me to add one more comment. Pictures and images are powerful. Like you said, a picture speaks a 1000 words. When J.R.R Tolkien decided to write his famous novel “The Lord of the Rings”, he first started to draw a map. He did not start with any word. He draw the middle earth map. It allowed to set actions and see the relationship of idea. Map is powerful, especially in problem solving. A map is nothing more than a picture or an image. Guess how many words J.R.R was able to write by drawing his map?

      • I read once that the history of pictures started in a cave in France called “chauvet cave”. The cave has drawings which are estimated to be 32,000 years ago. They say pictures at that time were important mainly for survival. To see a problem and run away from it. Nowadays, in our era, we use it to express something such as for fashion, problem solving and so forth.

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