Beauty Essentials You Never Leave Home Without

Hello beauties,

Ever been out and about and really wished you had your lip balm on you? Let’s face it; we all have had that moment where we dug around our purses wishing we had a certain beauty product to get us through a specific situation or the day.

Every woman has different priorities and every woman needs a few key products within hand reach when being out and about. We all have beauty essentials we cannot get through the day without, so here are some beauty essentials I cannot leave home without.

  1. Lip Balm:

Nothing feels worse than chapped dry lips, there were many times where my lips were feeling a bit dry and dehydrated especially now during the winter season. Its good to have one in your purse to hydrate your lips and revive them.

  1. Hand Cream:

I can’t highlight how important it is for me to carry a good hydrating hand cream; being out and about my hands at times feel dry and irritated and nothing makes me feel better then a good soothing hand cream.

  1. Hand Sanitizer:

This is a must in my purse no matter where I go, its always a good idea to have a hand sanitizer to avoid catastrophe, plus it helps refresh your hands especially on a busy day or hot summer day.

  1. Mints/Gum:

Oral hygiene is not to be forgotten! I am a person who always has some sort of sugar-free gum or mint on me in case of anything because ain’t nobody wants to know what you ate for lunch!

  1. Perfume:

Among all the practical purse essentials, perfume tops the list! You might be rocking a flawless makeup and head turning outfit but smelling good is the icing on the cake. Keep a little perfume bottle or tester with you all the time and you will always smell as lovely as you look.

Leave a comment down below stating what is your go-to beauty essentials you can never leave home without!


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