Basic Makeup Brushes Everyone Needs

Hello Everyone,

Todays most asked question is: ‘What makeup brush do I really need?’ Well, that’s a good question! A question I have asked myself many times before, getting started with makeup you will be sucked into getting thousands of different brushes, but unless you’re a professional, you don’t really need a collection of a thousand makeup brushes; you really just need a handful. Seriously!

When it comes to makeup, having the right tools will allow you to create anything from a no makeup look to a red carpet look. You may invest in the best eye shadow in the market, but not having the correct brush to apply them; the eye shadows might not look their best.

Now is the time you finally invest in some quality brushes, they will last you for years to come as long as you take care of them of course. Below are the basic makeup brushes you would need… trust me of this!

  • Foundation Brush:

A good foundation brush is everything! It doesn’t only move seamlessly over your face but it actually saves you a lot of product in the long run as compared to your fingers. These kinds of brushes usually are flat like a paintbrush or rounded and dome shaped. I prefer synthetic over natural when it comes to foundation.

  • Blending Sponge:

Go for sponges for a more airbrushed look, they won’t leave behind any wearied lines as it helps sheer out your foundation, concealer, cream bronzer or cream blushed; creating a more natural finish.

  • Powder Brush:

You all need a good quality powder brush to set everything in place, the size of this brush varies from small to large and typically has long fluffy bristles, it helps to blend everything together and set your base.

  • Bronzer/Blush Brush:

Bronzer and blush brushes are similar enough that one brush can do the job for both, go for a brush with long fluffy bristles and a dome shaped ones. Just keep in mind the fluffier it is the less product it will pick up.

  • Highlighter Brush:

I prefer to use a brush with a long bristles; like a fan brush or a tapered brush, for a more diffused effect. If your into the super bright opaque highlighter then go with a brush with dense bristles. 

  • CreaseBrush:

A better quality crease brush means a more blended eye shadow; a good crease brush can also be used to apply concealer!

  • Eye shadow Shader Brush:

These brushes are typically flat, rounded at the tip and dense, they pick up a good amount of eye shadow to create a more opaque layer of color on your lid.

  • Eyebrow Brush:

Eyebrows define our face, a good eyebrow brush makes sure your eyebrow hairs are groomed and in the right place.

Leave a comment down below stating what’s your favorite makeup brush brand.

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