Hello, I am Maha.
Welcome to my blog, a place where you can plug into your identity.

About me

Hello, I am Maha, a passionate fashion lover who had a bad career start. Yup you heard me! A collage graduate with a degree in Accounting. I work as an Auditor for a living, not something that I dreamed of ever doing. My life up to this day consisted of doing what I have always been told to do so. I have always had this love for fashion, I have always been interested in the fashion industry; the in’s and out’s of and inspired by the people involved behind it all, but never really got to achieve my dream.

So here it is, a fresh new start…

Hello my name is Maha, I am a fashion advocate and I get my inspiration from all over the world! Welcome to my world where you can plug into your identity.


  • Email: mahaj@themysticalbrunette.com

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