Everything to buy for Fall

Hello my trendsetters,

I hate to break it up to you, but summer is coming to an end! Can you believe that it’s almost winter? Where did summer go? Luckily I live on the hotter side of the planet so I get to soak up a little more sun for a few more weeks (if not months). 

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Tips on How to Find your Signature Style

Hello everyone,

What is style? The question that has been asked amongst major stylist and people like you and me! Style is one factor in creating our own personal brand, having a strong sense of personal style leads to confidence and empowerment… that’s what fashion does for me! We all admire our favorite celebrities looks, and we all have someone we look up to for outfit inspirations, but the question here is… how do you find your own signature style?

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Swimwear Trends 2019

Hello my beautiful brunettes,

Summer countdown has officially begun! By that I mean, its time for longer days, warmer weather, tan lines and lighter hair… So basically, you will be spending most of your time laying by the pool or beach soaking up all that sun and with all that comes of course shopping for swimwear which can be notoriously tricky, if your anything like me, you will need different styles for different occasions, activities and destinations.

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