7 Types of Handbags for Every Season

Hello Fashionista’s,

Have you ever wondered why women love bags so much? Some women love shoes and some have an obsession with bags! Bags are such a craze for some that they are willing to pay more to own a designer bag. For the majority of us, a bag is one accessory we cannot do without.

With each passing season, a new collection of ‘It Bag’ pops up, from cross body bags to bucket bags, and micro minis. However, not all bags align into the season we find ourselves. Certain bags are best suited for certain seasons but some bags are just there for all seasons.

From hands-free cross body bag to errand-running totes, these are some of the classic styles you can rock all year long.

  1. The Cross body Bag:

Cross body bags are a must-have because of their hands-free feature. You just throw it across your body and forget about the struggle of carrying multiple things at once.

  1. The Shoulder Bag:

This classic bag keeps making a comeback, its an easy bag to hold, perfect for everyday use and goes well and perfect for any occasion/season; it can be worn over your shoulders, in your hands or clutched for night out.

  1. The Belt Bag:

Similar to the cross body bag; aka its hands free. All you have to do is wrap it around your waist and your good to go! It also makes any outfit look better and put together. They come in tons of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be worn with just any outfit.

  1. The Shopper Tote:

Perfect for all your flea market browsing and grocery store shopping. Tote bags are very light and handy. Could be used for the gym, a party, going to the beach, seminar or office. They are suited for just about any occasion.

  1. The Micro Mini:

My favorite go-to style bag, useful for an evening out or an after-work event when lip-gloss, your I.D., and phone are the only things needed. They are extremely convenient; as they are light and feel great to carry around.

  1. The Clutch:

Clutches used to be the ‘IT’ bag and completely disappeared a few years ago, but guess what; just like any fashion piece, clutches are back!  As vintage styles become more mainstream, the clutch has made a comeback in cool oversized styles and interesting fabrics that elevate every evening look.

  1. The Top Handle Bag:

Top Handle bags are perfect for work, they’re professional, practical, sleek and just put together.

Whats your go-to handbag style?

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