6 Work Outfit Ideas

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Today, I are back yet again with another fashion post! Raise your hands if you spend every morning mulling over your outfit choices (raising my hand). No matter how much you love fashion and your wardrobe, there are always those days where you end up standing in front of your closet feeling uninspired by what you see. The days mulling over your outfits has to come to an end! 

When thinking of office attire, the thing that comes to my mind is ‘effortless, stylish, and comfortable’ pieces that can create a confidence-boosting outfit within minutes, and that will have you leaving the house feeling capable of conquering the world. Remember, feeling confident is the most important element in getting that promotion or raise you have been aiming for.

Today’s office dress codes in most industries (if not all) have become more flexible and casual. So, say goodbye to daily dressing dilemmas? I have rounded up the best blazers, pants, suit sets and shirts for modern office power dressing.

The Power Suit

Suits are all about making a statement; go all out with textures, checked and even animal print. The good thing about suits is that you can wear the pants and blazers as separates and create a whole different look. You will end up getting so much wear out of your suit.

The Waistcoat

Continuing with the suiting trend, comes the reawakening of the dapper vest or like some call it; the waistcoat. Whether worn as part of a three-piece suit, mismatched with a blazer or simply thrown over a white shirt, you will end up looking stylish and put together.

Wide-Leg Pants

If you don’t own a pair of wide-leg pants then this better inspire you to head out and get yourself one! The chic pant helps create a sophisticated, elongated silhouette that looks elegant and professional. Go for a high-waisted style and pair it with a minimalist sweater or a button down shirt or even an over-sized blazer.

Oversized Blazer with Cropped Pants, and a Pop of Color

Three basic pieces put together to create an amazing/easy going outfit. This is honestly my go-to work outfit, its chic and easy and I just love it!

Belted Shirt Dresses

Perfect for those hot summer days, were you have to be out and about during the day with back-to-back meetings. Whether you go for printed, bright or neutral, just make sure it’s belted.

Wide/Pointed Collared Shirt

70’s trend comeback!  It’s a cool casual boardroom look that you can wear with just anything and everything, from pantsuits, jeans, or even matching suit trousers.

Hope you enjoyed todays topics! Leave a comment down below sharing your go-to office attire.

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