5 Skills you Probably Didn’t Realize Blogging Gave You

Hello Everyone,

‘How can I start blogging’ is a question I get asked a lot, a simple question but yet very hard to describe to people. At first it seems an easy thing to create and maintain; you would need to set an account with a host platform such as WordPress, then choose an overall theme and lastly prepare some posts and publish them. Although blogging can be a pain to explain, one thing I seem to always lose track off is the things it has taught me and just how much I have learned throughout these past few years.

All bloggers are writers, but not all writers are bloggers, there is far more to blogging than just being a good writer. So, here are 5 skills you probably didn’t realize blogging gave you.

  1. Domain Names:

From coming up with a eye catching name to making your official Go Daddy purchase is a process and a skill of its own and I believe no one can ever understand how long this initial process takes until they get into it.

  1. Social Networking Skills:

Social Media is the new SEO, not only it helps you boost your blog traffic but can also help you find more audience for your content. Through blogging you will learn how important social media is and how much it will help you reach and engage with the audience you’re looking for.

  1. The Gift of word:

Like said earlier, all bloggers are writers just think about it; running a blog and publishing content means that you’re constantly writing and you’re always improving how you structure sentences. When you blog, you have to think of creative and interesting ways to convey your content to your readers, you’re always articulating your thoughts clearly to express yourself well, blogging basically forces you to become an engaging, more dynamic writer.

  1. Little Bit of Design:

When you first start out, you will probably would go for the default set designs, however as time passes you will probably start looking into creating your own and revamping your site to give it a more customized feel. Without even comprehending it, your blog has helped you learn a new skill without even trying, from choosing a color palette to redesigning the layout and editing your images.

  1. Taking Criticism:

Not all comments are always positive, in fact some are downright mean. Reading through the criticism is a skill I am glad to have developed from blogging.

These are just some few skills I adopted while blogging and for that I am very grateful, just let me know in the comment down if you wish to learn more about blogging tips and learning points as well as let me know if you’re a blogger and what have you learned throughout the process.


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