5 Make-up Mistakes

Hello beautiful people,

We are all clearly obsessed with learning everything about beauty. And sometimes some important tips can get lost along the way. Just stop for a second and ask yourself if you are using the right foundation color? Or if you are using bronzer correctly? Is primer really necessary? It’s easy to say that we all have done some big makeup mistakes without even realizing it… been there done that! Am I right ladies?

When it comes to our beauty, the errors that we make can cruelly impact our appearance. As they say, first impressions are everything, so it pays to make yourself look presentable. Picking the wrong shade of foundation, over plucking our brows, doing a terrible job at blending our makeup…these are just a few things that we all are guilty of.

Well, that needs to stop now. Makeup as we know it, boosts once self-confidence by highlighting ones best facial features. For this reason we need to use the best of it to get the best of us. So scroll down below for some makeup mistakes that I bet we all made or maybe still do

  1. Applying too much concealer

In a desire to create a perfect canvas, many of us make the mistake of applying too much concealer. Selecting the wrong shade or applying on a thick layer, you will end up emphasizing on your wrinkles which would result in making you appear way older then you actually are.

  1. Contouring your face too much

We all love to have chiseled cheekbones and dainty looking nose, but this doesn’t mean we need to over pack our face/nose with bronzer. Contouring is best left looking soft and blended… we don’t need to see those streaking lines do we?!

  1. Overdoing your Eyebrows

When brows are well groomed they can enhance your eyes and your entire look. Avoid over tweezing them or even over lining them, just stick with cleaning up the area around your brows.

  1. Your lip liner is too visible

I thought we were way over this trend but I still see some girls rocking this look. For an effortless look, choose a lip pencil shade to be the exact shade as your lipstick.

  1. Using too much blush

Unless you want to walk around looking like a clown, you should use a lighter hand when applying blush.

Hope that was useful… Leave a comment below with your makeup tips and tricks!

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