5 Avoidable Summer Fashion Mistakes Women Make At Work

Hello Fashion Lovers, 

Now that summer is finally here, summer work wear can be tricky and knowing what is acceptable to wear to work during the summer time can get complicated. No matter how hot it gets, summer is not the time to take a break from professionalism. These days most offices have a more casual dress code. Yet the right office attire can be a great asset in making a lasting impression and enhancing your reputation. 

Looking back at some pictures of my work outfits from many years ago during summer, I find myself cringing at some of the fashion choices I made! I think we all do honestly and there is no shame in it. I believe any celebrity, blogger, or even a fashion stylist can agree to that! With that being said, here are some common fashion mistakes you might be making and tips on how to avoid them for years to come.

  • Revealing too much

One of the most common fashion mistakes during summer is being too casual. Revealing too much skin can actually be off putting, especially in a more demure setting. Crop tops, short shorts and flip-flops are all very tempting in the hot weather, but they may not be proper for the office. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little sex appeal, for example pair a sleeveless top with a light blazer, v-backs and crop tops with high-waisted pants, depending on your company’s dress code of course. 

  • Leave the flip-flops, slides and noisy mules for your days off

Flip-flops and slides are for the beach, the pool, or the nail salon; not the office. Even though mules are a key summer fashion piece; just avoid the ones that leave most of your foot bare. Go for shoes that cover a large portion of your foot.

  • Trying too hard

I see a lot of girls/guys try too hard to fit in by wearing trendy pieces of the season or try to look sexy by showing too much skin which can easily look tacky and gaudy. To avoid this, think about your layers and the juxtaposition of your garments and don’t focus much on the trend.

  • It can still be cold in the office so layer up

The thing I hate the most… stepping off an overheated street to an over-air-conditioned office! Keep a blazer or a cardigan permanently in your office.

  • Dressing for anyone other than yourself

It’s crucial to understand that you should only dress for yourself and for your own comfort. You should not focus your mindset on trying to please other people, or to impress someone, or pretending to be someone you are not. Most importantly, you should dress to feel confident and to enjoy the art of fashion. 

Hope you enjoyed todays post, leave a comment down below sharing what fashion mistake you are guilty of?

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