5 Accessories Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe

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The difference between you and some other girl wearing the same thing lies in how you style that outfit, it is all a game of how one styles themselves. All of my fashion freaks out there defiantly know the importance of accessory. If you are good with accessories, you can make even the simplest outfits look stylish. Accessories play an important role in amplifying your look.

Accessories play an important part of any outfit. You can change an entire outfit with a simple piece of accessory. Whilst fashion and trends change from year to year, one thing that every girl needs in her wardrobe is a collection of accessories that she can use over and over all year round. Accessories can be used to add a bit of a personal touch and style to a plain outfit. Accessories can be easily mixed and matched, wearing them multiple times and in multiple ways.

Below are 5 of the most classic fashion accessories that every girl should own.

  1. Ballet flats:

A must in every women’s wardrobe, they are both chic and comfortable. Can be perfectly paired with jeans and a button down shirt.

  1. Statement Jewelry:

Jewelry is a great way to add oomph to an otherwise plain outfit. The type and style of jewelry you wear represents your personality which can range from big oversized and somewhat loud pieces or some classis dainty ones. Choosing the right jewelry piece is important in my opinion as it’s an important part in any dress up.

  1. Belt:

Belts are generally used to shape up one’s body, for instance you can pair it with an oversized sweater to give it a more feminine look.

  1. A Blazer:

What’s sexier than an oversized blazer? Can be glammed up or down so easily. Looks good all year round and goes well with almost every outfit you already own.

  1. A pair of classic pumps:

We all love our flats and I know they are much more comfortable then heel anytime any day! But heels are forever a strong must have. They just make any boring outfit look so much better and so much more put together. You can never go wrong with a classic pump, it’s just super comfortable (as compared to other heels) and goes with every outfit you already own. Opt for a classic pair in black or nude.

Comment down below, what are your must-have accessories?

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