4 Things To Prep For Warm Weather Ahead

Hello beautiful people,

Hasn’t the weather been amazing for the past couple of weeks? Bet you are all dreaming of that hot summer glare, those white sandy beaches and tan lines… oh how life is amazing.

Not that summer is almost upon us; there are some preparations that need to be done. Am I right?! That means hair care, booty workouts and etc… I got you covered! Scroll down to read all about 4 things to prep for the warmer weather ahead.

  1. Body scrub:

Its very important to exfoliate your body once a week during the summer time. Getting rid of those dead skin cells really helps you get a cleaner shave, have softer skin and a perfect canvas for those who use faux tan.

  1. Hair care:

Well, I noticed a lot of girls neglecting their hair during the warmer weather; which is totally wrong! If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors, its very important to take care of your hair. As we all know by now that the sun can be extremely damaging to your hair so make sure you get regular treatments or even apply UV protection spray to prevent it from getting dry and damaged. My key to perfect hair during the summer time is hair oil and hats!

  1. Workout routine:

We all crave that perfect summer body… so why not start now! Working out is a pain in the ass (literally) but they do pay off. Just start small and integrate little workouts into your everyday routine. Little things can make a big difference.

  1. Faux tan:

We all want to look like bronze goddess; however getting it via the sun is not exactly the healthiest way to achieve it. That’s where the faux tan comes in. It’s the healthiest way to get the summer glow.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know in the comments below what are you guys doing now to prepare for summer?

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