4 Easy Steps to Transition from Summer to Fall

Hello Everyone,

Giving that Fall has already started, transiting your summer wardrobe into Fall doesn’t only mean in terms of fashion (clothes and shoes)! Your makeup look is as important. Fall might be one of my favorite seasons to play with makeup, your palette might not be as dewy/colorful as summer has been but bet you this, you will fall in love with this years trend. Scroll down below to check out Fall’s latest makeup trends.

  1. Colorful Eyeliner:

What?! Color in Fall?! Swap your usual black eyeliner for blue! It’s a fun way to mix up your Fall beauty routine. Can be applied on both upper and lower lashes; for a more subtle everyday look I would prefer to apply on my bottom water line. Brightness up your eyes as well as adds a bit of suspense.

  1. Vampy Lips:

A Fall staple if I say so myself! A dark lip is a Fall classic; makes your makeup look polished as well as add definition.

  1. Cold Weather Cheeks:

Subtle blush is a year round must, basically after you’ve done with lips, use the left over product on your finger to blot on the apples of your cheeks. A little bit more of blush wont hurt anyone!

  1. Subtle Glow:

Dewy skin and minimal makeup is the way to go this Fall. Unlike summer, Fall is all about that subtle glow on your cheekbones to help brighten your face especially with the gloomy weather.

How do you prefer to transition from summer to Fall? Comment down below some of your favorite tips and tricks.

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