8 Foolproof Ways to Stay Positive

Hello Everyone,

You probably have heard it over and over again how important it is to be positive, however, we are living in times of big changes and are bombarded with bad news on daily basis which makes it hard for us to stay optimistic. Being and staying positive isn’t always an easy task!

I found myself slipping into a negative mindset the past couple of months; I got caught up in the wave of negativity that the media showcases. The more I focused on the news and on all the negativity and sadness around the world, the less energy I had to give. The point is that negativity is all around us, no matter where you look, you will always find something negative; it can either be a negative person in your life or a situation.

Being positive everyday is an inside job that we should learn to master; it requires effort even at times when we don’t really feel like it. I have listed 8 habits you can incorporate in your daily life that would guarantee you a positive outcome.

  1. Write down everything positive and negative that happened throughout the day:

This advice might not seem effective but trust me when I say; it changed my life! Every night before going to bed, just grab a journal and list down at least 2 positive things and 2 negative things that happened throughout the day. At the end of the week, just go through the list and point out the common thing, repeat this every week or every other week and compare your results. By the end of the month you will notice how that changed your perspective and will let you focus on the positive aspect of life.

  1. Accept your Flaws:

By accepting yourself and all your flaws, you will notice by time how much happier and positive you will be.

  1. Go on a Social Media Cleanse:

Ditch all social media platforms for the day; you will instantly notice a boost in your mood. You will notice yourself feeling happier and motivated.

  1. Look for the Beauty in Everyday Life:

Find something beautiful in your everyday life/routine. Its the smallest things in your everyday routine that makes a huge difference like the sound of the rain or sound of birds chirping. There is always something beautiful to experience.

  1. Smile and laugh more often:

Don’t forget that smiling and laughing is contagious, so do it more often!

  1. Exercise:

Exercising does in fact completely change your daily happiness and in doing so, your outlook improves. What exercise does to not only your body but mind is truly remarkable, whether it’s yoga or an intense workout, walking around the neighborhood. The facts that your moving your body will help you stay positive.

  1. Take Action:

If your in a situation you wish not to be in, always try to take steps to bring about change. For example, if your surrounded with negative friend(s), just step away. Negative people in your life will always bring you down, stepping away from these kind of people will do you good trust me, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel.

  1. Remind yourself of reasons to be grateful:

Things can sometimes look dark and it’s defiantly not easy to get out of that dark place, but try to focus on what’s good in your life. Perspective is everything and sometimes we need to shift things around in our mind to bring the stressful situations out of us.

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